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    Customers who use the PI System™ enterprise-wide derive maximum value from their deployment. In their own words, they describe how the PI System and OSIsoft Customer Support work together to streamline their operations and transform their companies.

  • Our Customer Support Testimonials

    “We have established information-sharing at the highest level, as well as enhanced productivity, secure collaboration, operational transparency and reliability, and created an image of integrity and safety to the public. Best of all, the PI System is easy to use and maintain, and we continue to find more ways to use it.”

    B.L. , Assistant Manager , Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Company

    “I've dealt with a lot of companies over the years. OSIsoft has the best technical support of any company I've ever dealt with. If the support person does not know an answer, they will find it promptly. Great company to work with.”

    D.O. , Arizona Chemical

    「IT Monitorがネットワークのボトルネックをピンポイントで正確に指摘してくれたおかげで、最初の1か月で30,000ドル節約することができました。」

    D.R.、Westar Energy, Inc.

    “By strategically using PI Asset Framework, we were able to make sense of the data and build a powerful and robust solution around it. ”

    P.S. , Lead Architect , Doble Engineering Company

    「OSIsoftは弊社精製ビジネスの核です。PI Systemはプラントの運用状況に関する情報が欲しい場合の頼みの綱です。」

    S.E.、システムズ・エンジニアリング担当取締役、P.E.、Ergon Refining, Inc.

    “There's no part of the Corpus Christi operation that's not connected to, or touched by, the PI System. Having all of our data at our fingertips, plus the PI System desktop tools, has enabled the distribution of information into more business units. ”

    D.L. , Information Analyst and PI Administrator , CITGO

    「弊社では、PI Systemをプロセスデータすべて、アラームすべて、バッチデータすべての中央リポジトリーとして活用しています。そして、これはMESがヒットするための共通のプレゼンテーション層になります。」

    B.H.、オートメーション・エンジニア/MKESエンジニア、Janssen Biologics

    “The sum of all of these efforts gives us one version of the truth across all manufacturing sites and allows us to make informed decisions for our Global Network Optimization Efforts.”

    B.S. , Associate Business Systems Consultant , Abbott Nutrition

    “Over the past seven years, the PI System has become a critical tool for providing and reporting production information to all levels and departments in the business.”

    D.H. , Business Analyst , BHP Billiton Yabulu

    「PI Systemを導入後、エンタープライズ内での潜在的な問題が浮き彫りになり、競争の激しい市場で生き延びることができています。」

    G.T.、コントロール・システムズ・チームリーダー、Aughinish Alumina

    “I don't know of any other software that can positively impact every important business driver - environmental, safety, quality and ROI.”

    D.S. , Principal Plant Electrical Instrumentation Engineer , Arkema

    「PI Systemは、弊社のビジネスの重要な一部であり、この製品なしで製造施設を運用することなど、考えられません。」

    J.C.、副社長、Appleton Coated, LLC

    “We have standardized on the PI System software throughout the Domtar organization. We believe the OSIsoft products have helped us merge the culture of three different companies from which we originated a few years ago. The mills now all use the PI System.”

    B.W. , Director of Pulp & Paper Manufacturing , Domtar, Inc.

    “There's no one in baseball that has sustainability in their title. They're all doing something else. If you're going to get them in the game, you've got to make it easy. So we wanted to make the information real-time, actionable and easy. My PI System data feeds right into the Major League Baseball centralized data collection system that's tracking my water, gas and electric, and it's automated. That's going to enable 29 other teams to adopt the kind of behavior that's helped us return more than $1.5 million to our bottom line in just four years.”

    S.J. , VP, Ballpark Operations , Seattle Mariners

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